Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Costume updates!


The costume won two online halloween over at Deviantart ( I dont know the link to the winners list, sorry! But it's awesome to have won!) and one at the awesome INSTRUCTABLES site. I won the grand prize! Check it out:
over here... I get to go to the Maker Faire in San Mateo! I really almost feel out of my chair when i saw I had won. Wow. I'm really looking forward to meeting the Instructables/Make mag peeps in the near future. I'll be bringing the costume to the Faire, of course ;)

Seriously happy. I may make a demon head that is interchangable with the wolf head...same body, different heads. I just really want to make more stuff!
Have some photos! We had a halloween party!All photos taken by Matt:

Our bloody murder room!
bloody room

Captain Spaulding and werewolf in the kitchen...
kitchen wolf

Having a deep conversation with Princess Leia. I can't really drink beer while wolfed up :(
leia wolf

Serene Jesus turns the other cheek when attacked by stair-wolves.
poor jesus

Friday, November 2, 2007

Latest news!

Well guys i got some solid attention this last week with this costume. I was linked on boing boing:

Because someone submitted my Instructable that i posted:

That Instructable has over 21,000 hits! Pretty awesome. I'm amazed at how well recieved it has been by both online people and people i see out in public. I have gotten such positive smiling reactions from just about everyone that sees it...and that makes me smile. What a great halloween!

I was also interviewed for Chicago Public Radio. The interview was played in three states and set to go national on NPR but I'm not sure if it did NPR or not. Here's the link to that interview:

Besides that i have been giving the wolf a run for his money...wore it to a party, a costume contest ( i lost to a guy in a store bought mask), handing out candy to kids on halloween and even did the Zoo Boo at the Brookfield! I made alot of kids cry and smile this past week and it's been alot of fun. This weekend the wolf has one last run for the year to my Halloween party ( squeezing as much halloween out as possible, as it falls in the middle of the week) and then a local convention called Reactor if i am still alive enough to make it. Werewolfing is pretty tiring! After that I'll probably wear it to a few comventions like San Diego Comic-Con.

So a huge thank you to the people that have followed the progress of this suit and offered encouragement or just stopped by to check things out. Knowing other people care about this makes me all the more excited to do bigger and better costumes. The werewolf suit still needs just a few little tweaks and i know I'll have more photos to post from events this past week. So please check back...I'm not done yet!

Now the question is...what to do for NEXT year?