Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Costume updates!


The costume won two online halloween over at Deviantart ( I dont know the link to the winners list, sorry! But it's awesome to have won!) and one at the awesome INSTRUCTABLES site. I won the grand prize! Check it out:
over here... I get to go to the Maker Faire in San Mateo! I really almost feel out of my chair when i saw I had won. Wow. I'm really looking forward to meeting the Instructables/Make mag peeps in the near future. I'll be bringing the costume to the Faire, of course ;)

Seriously happy. I may make a demon head that is interchangable with the wolf head...same body, different heads. I just really want to make more stuff!
Have some photos! We had a halloween party!All photos taken by Matt:

Our bloody murder room!
bloody room

Captain Spaulding and werewolf in the kitchen...
kitchen wolf

Having a deep conversation with Princess Leia. I can't really drink beer while wolfed up :(
leia wolf

Serene Jesus turns the other cheek when attacked by stair-wolves.
poor jesus

1 comment:

joverine said...

super awesome costume!!
msg'd u on deviantart too

workin on a survivor horror game featuring some classic monsters-werewolf included!

nice work srsly