Sunday, October 7, 2007

National Fiber Technology fur is awesome.

It's actually VERY close to being completed. I did a bunch of boring stuff that isnt all that exciting for installing the velcro around the waist for the undersuit/over shirt to connect to each other and the velcro in the elbows that will attach the upper arms/paw section to the overshirt. Bo-ring!

I also received my National Fiber Technology hair! It's ridiculous. This stuff is so perfect. I dyed it black with some leather dye this weekend, a very messy smelly process. Buy LOTS of rubber gloves! I got the whole head completed and covered...i did about half of the hunch of the back until i ran out of dye. The longer hair will run along the middle of the back to about it's buttcrack and then some will be added to the back of the arms and maybe legs if i have enough left over. I may try out making some sections dark brown or even red. Anyway have pictures...the hair needs to be trimmed a little:
nft head

Again, the website that I found this hair is Nice people, great service, wonderful products! I will be using them again for upcoming life size head sculpture projects ;)

Oh yeah..another mistake i made. The multiple coats of resin on the teeth got too thick and the jaw had trouble opening and closing smoothly as the teeth began to touch and rub too much. It's easily fixed with a dremel tool bu now i have to repaint the bottom canines. Just a heads up to other folks trying this out :)

Roadkill. Not much to see but this is the front of the body. Kind of a black blob, sorry. But i really like the shape of the chest and legs now that the foam has been fixed up. Not that you can tell here.

fur costume

A few finished pieces! Head, jaw, feet, arms and the ninja hood that goes underneath the face. The chin of the hood has velcro glued on...which matches to the velcro inside the wolf's jaw. This makes the jaw movement a little tighter and more realistic, i think.


So what's left? Sewing together the dozens of pieces of fur to each other to hide seams when the costume flexes. Dying the rest of the long hair and gluing that on. Velcro to the bottom of the pant legs to match into the shoes. Making a tail ( i really want to boobytrap it for people that will pull on it..but id feel awful if a little kid grabbed it, so no dice... i like kids.) Picking up the white contact lens. Painting the left hands claws and sealing them, painting the fixed teeth.

Um, what else? Wow...nothing. That's IT! I'm on schedule to finish it this week like i had hoped thanks to NFT pulling through for me.

Oh more boring stuff only a few people will care about: I did pop a jaw hinge this weekend while showing it off to freinds after a few beers and that had to be's good it happened at home instead of out somewhere. So i went ahead and strengthened a few other parts. Yawn..sorry, yeah it's boring. But hey if you are building a suit and using this as a tutorial keep that in mind...get things super strengthened before you go out. Nothing will give you costume blue balls faster than getting somewhere to have fun and finding you forgot a piece of the costume or something broke. Boo!


Grant Gould said...

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