Sunday, September 30, 2007

orange contacts!

Got my contacts today! They look really cool without the mask but with the mask on they just look good...not great. They don't pop like i hoped they would, they sort of look like mildly freaky brown eyes. I did have a thought to buy a pair of yellow ones since i got them for so cheap anyway..but i think i may just buy one yellow lens and have different colored yellow one orange. i thought it would be a cool way to give this costume a little more personality and make it a little freakier. If it looks dumb, I'll just buy another yellow lens.



Benjamin Hall said...


I agree though, a yellow lens would look neater.

That second to last photo totally needs a word balloon in which random words can be entered,

... I choose: "Cheese fries!"

Max said...

Awesome. I really like it. I'm looking foward when your costume is finished. In the maintime - I 'm sorry -, I've photoshoped your full suit shot. (because I'm a photoshop 'freak') I've uploaded here:

missmonstermel said...

wow max!!! Thank you so much for making that....may I post this and credit you?

missmonstermel said...

haha oh and ben i love you too now I want cheese fries though....

Max said...
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Max said...

Sure, you may post it. It was just a quicky one. ;) Enjoy!

Many 'good lucks' with your costume!
I'm watching the blogpage for any progress.

If you want to, I can photoshop more pictures, when you are finished or you have another cool shots. ;)

missmonstermel said...

Cool, thank you Max! i really appreciate the gift and kind thoughts! Keep's almost done :)

ND said...

Kind of a long shot, but I found your Werewolf Costume page through Google-Searching "Orange Contacts", and I think the ones you used on your costume are so perfect! The black ring around the outer edges of them just adds a little something extra.
Would you mind me asking what brand they are, and where you ordered them?