Saturday, September 22, 2007

full test!

CLICK the photos to see the full view!

I hate and love this part...trying it all on for the first time. I love it because I get to see it all come together and I hate it because alot of things end up needing some changes. All that hard work and I have to redo things! Ah well. For the most part it is a success, but there are a few changes that will be made.

Here's a pic of the foam test i did before furring the torso. The neck went up way too high and was fixed.
foam test

The chest being furred.
foam chest

Everything put together! It looks super crappy since alot of glaring things like seeing the shoes needs to be fixed. This is just a loose test for me to figure out what needs to be fixed before I put any work into making this polished and ready to go.

full test2

I have a few issues with the legs. They look great, as a digitigrade illusion, when I stand with a totally straight leg. But once I bend the leg, it looks plantigrade ( flat footed). The reason for this is that I did not make the top thigh foam go over my knee enough so when the knee bends it pops out and ruins the effect. This can be fixed by adding a foam piece over my knee. I also have a problem with the length of the foot. I want a stubby dog like paw, not a floppy cartoon foot. So I need to remove the toes and reset them further up on my shoe. I may redline this to show what im talking about.

Straight leg:
full test4

Bent leg. Ick.
full test5

I think the side view looks fantastic. The chest goes up a little too high into my neck and I need to add velcro to the undershirt (to fasten to the body suit) so it doesnt pop out ( as seen in the front) I might trim down the back hump a little, since im adding really long fur to the middle of the back and neck and the foam has a wierd angle by the top of the head. The front of the chest needs some trimming on the bottom....needs to be narrower going toward the stomach ( it also need to wear a de-boobing bra....not that mine are huge but boobies sort of offset the foam a little)
full test side

This is some of the fur that will be added to the wolf. This is a sample from National Fiber Technology I will be using grey and black course long fur to accent his back and neck, back of arms, chest and where ever it needs it. I dont want just a solid black blot of fur for the whole thing.

NFT is a great place. Thier fur is high quality and so is the treatment of thier customers. I'm just a small fry, they are used to dealing with big clients but they have been totally helpful and cool and really went the extra mile to get my samples to me. How refreshing!


The mask needs a little tune up as sits too low on my face now that a little wieght has been added to it. I think a sliver of foam in the nose bridge will help. i also made the elastic WAY too tight. After wearing this for 5 minutes it felt like the top of my head was going to pop off. Still more comfortable than the demon mask but not quite ready yet.

the front view of the wolf isnt too hot. One critique i got from boyfriend and roommate was that the chest, waist and hips were too aligned and needed to "V" out at the top. I think they are right. Ugh it pains me to even post the photo of the front view but I want people to see what i did and...try to avoid it the first time around:

full test 6

Pretty awful! Ick.

So as for the rest of the costume, I still need to add more fur to parts, build the forearms, fix some holes and sew the fur seams together. I think it needs a tail after all, too.

full test

So, next is making the forearms, and applying the NFT fur after fixing the foam mistakes! Today i'm ordering my contacts. I think im going to go with solid orange ones, yellow would be cool too but it's kind of been done alot. Hey and orange eye and black fur = halloween colors!


Kid said...

Looks great! I just found this blog while figuring out the paws for my poodle costume, and I have to say this is a pretty impressive costume you've got so far. You are pretty much on schedule towards completion, too.

missmonstermel said...

Thank you, Kid! Keep watching, much more to come!