Saturday, September 29, 2007

one arm finished!

Taken in front of the mirror so excuse angles, wierd crops or crappiness! I used an opera glove to make the base for the fur and foam to glue on to. There is a little bit of foam in there to beef up my skinny forearms.The paw is now permanetly attached to the arm fur, making it all one piece that pulls off. It will attach to the body's arm via velcro.


Har, har. That sign is on our bathroom mirror. I also have one over the toilet that says " safety first:wear googles" because god knows what i do to that toilet requires eye protection.



So there you have it, one arm done. The fur pieces still need some trimming to line up and blend together better...but it's pretty much done. Now to do the other paw!

I also found an event to debut the suit at. The tattoo shop that i started getting work done at is having an art opening with "costumes encouraged" on the 13th. If the werewolf isnt ready by then, i may just wear the demon....but i'll be shooting for then!

Next, refining the suit and adding some different fur lengths :D


Traumador said...

Wow cool costume!

Just discovered your blog via the interest thingy (dinosaurs)

Good luck finishing for the open house!

missmonstermel said...

thanks so much! Glad you found me :)

Animal Qwacker said...

That paw would also look good holding the Sword of Omens!;)

Studiohq said...

My son says he would like to buy one from you for next year.

We saw you on DA I featured your work this week...