Thursday, August 2, 2007

Adding the snout and jaw!

okay so I skipped a few steps, here. I formed a little wire armature for the snout, you can see it running along the sides there, nice and ugly. I then glued it down and glued some foam over the wire armature. Snip the snout down to the shape you want.
I then coated the entire thing with resin to make it super strong!

add snout

Once the resin sets up, begin to build up the meat of the snout with some paper mache clay. I just did the basic shape for now...let it dry , then add details later.
Add clay

Basic snout shape all built up and ready to dry...

add clay 2

Once the clay dried I went and dremeled down alot of the texture. I didnt think I'd be covering the whole thing with fur, my plan was to hand glue hair and then leave most of it I really got into smoothing the face which was sort of a waste. Oh well, that's what happens when you make it up as you go along!


I also added wire ears and the jaw. The jaw was also made with plaster strips molded onto my actual chin. A wire serves as the support for the foam mandible, just like with the upper head...




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