Thursday, August 2, 2007

Welcome to my werewolf costume blog!

Well I decided to make a blog that tracks the progress of my newest costume. People had been asking for progress photos, which have been on my website since I started but it's not easy to find on the site and kinda scattered. This is an easier format to use and link to and will hopefully be a helpful reference for other costumers.

I already have a ton of photos of the progress and will be uploading them this week, each step in a separate entry.

Just a word of warning! I made this shit up. My methods might be wierd or back asswards or unprofessional. I do what works for me , in my budget. If I could afford/had the space for a silicon head with hand punched hair or top of the line custom dyed fur I would. There are people out there like who are masters of this stuff and use high quality pro methods! Check them out too!

But for now it's just redneck jimmy rigged methods that im actually pretty proud of. I found my own way with a little help from freinds and I hope that the information and photos on here inspire you to do the same! :D

Enjoy guys!



wolfje said...


I did like the photos! I was think!
Is there a way that you can, make one that will be for me ??

greethings wolfy

Adam James Montgomery said...