Thursday, August 2, 2007

let's make some paws!

Okay so my original idea was to make this thing quadrupedal. I even bought arm braces and started to build up the foam and paws:

But the more I costumed in the demon I realized how tiring and hard on my body it was just being on two legs. I'd like to be able to be in this suit for a few hours with minimal breaks... and four legs would make that impossible. I have a messed up lower back, bird wrists and bad knees. Plus I wouldnt feel all that safe not being able to use my hands. I have had some bad experiences with drunks and assholes in costume, believe it or not and well...this just seemed like it might be inviting disaster. So the idea has been scrapped in favor of safety. Sorry guys.

But I did manage to build some really awesome paws instead!

Foam over a baseball batters glove. The wires will make the claws sturdy on top of my fingers ( the claws will fit over the wire). The foam makes my hand look like it has different stubbier joints and hopefully a little less human.

paw start

Hmm, not there yet.
paw start2

Better! This will be painted black. The claws have been added, the wire is in the middle of them.

The topside of the furred paw. I shaved down the finger tips and let it fade into the long arm fur. The claws are replica grizzly claws that will be painted later on.

The fur is solic black but looks kind of purple with this flash...ergh.

The business end! Sorry about my ugly apartment, it was basically a studio with a bedroom. My couch was a blowup camping bed with ugly cheap pillows thrown over it.

The pawpads were painted with acrylics, sealed with rubbber, painted again and sealed with polyurethane.

Someone suggested tool dip and i think I may use that for the left paw pads this time...
done hand3

Claws are painted and sealed and it looks pretty awesome!
done paw

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Kennon said...

Maybe you can make the costume so you can interchange the forearms for functioning gloves using the latter for instances of drunk factor? Cause I'd really LOVE to see your four legged version and am interested to see you pull it off.
Very inspirational. I need to get my ass to do an orc costume...