Thursday, August 2, 2007

Coloring the head

Time to paint him! Again, I had thought most of the front face would be naked so I cared way too much about painting it all nice. It's not a total flat black, there's actually a little shading and highlighting. That red stuff in the jaw is tool dip, I figured I'd seal the inner face since it can get pretty nasty in there with all the sweating I'd be doing. Easier to wipe off and makes it a little smoother...

painting the head

I almost pooped myself when I tried it on all black like this. I also have some black eye make up to blend things a little better...

Colored head test

The teeth have been sealed with a glossy clear epoxy. Do a test on your epoxy first, because the brand I used for the bottom teeth yellowed within a month or two and they no longer matched.
The teeth are not a pure white, either..I did stain them a little but I don't feel as though they should be overly yellowed as many photos of predators I have seen actually have pretty white teeth. And I want him to look scary not filthy ;)
So, nyah!

Colored jaw test

I feel really cool and totally nerdy at the same time.
colored head

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