Thursday, August 2, 2007

Head almost done!

Furred the rest of the head. You can see I decided to just use regular faux fur for the whole thing. It actually doesnt look as flat and cartoony as I thought. The bottom teeth have turned yellow and will be fixed...

fur head

Creepy werewolf with boobies....
fur head

Hurrr Myspace...
fur head3

Brushed in some grey in the muzzle! The teeth look super bright in this photo, it's the flash's fault you can't see my nice tooth paint job :( Ignore the marshmallows, i was making indoor s'mores..
fur head4

The head still needs work, but the body suit needs to be started before I can really do anything else. The body suit will have a thick neck that will attach to the head.

Nexxt: Duct tape dummy and foam body suit!


da janx said...


AtomicTerrier said...

awesome work!
too bad i missed you at SDCC.

missmonstermel said...

I'll be at SDCC next year again for sure! :D Hopefully we can meet up then!