Thursday, August 23, 2007

hairy legs!

I really should have gotten progress photos of the fur being applied. Damn.
What I did was glue on the fur piece by piece. Alot of costumers sew the entire suit in just a few pieces but im just not that good with a sewing machine. I used hot glue and a box cutter. I started at the bottom and worked my way up to the waist, paying attention to the way the fur lays. This fur has a decent length so it's pretty forgiving of imperfections. I havent gotten photos of me wearing the legs though I did try them on..they look great and will look even better once the proportions are evened out with the heeled shoes im building for this. I think the foam at the top of the legs is a little thick but then again iam trying to make a large semi bulky werewolf. The torso and shoulder foam should help even out my fat lycanthrope thighs....if not i may rip off the fur and trim the foam a little.

once everything is in place I will sew all of the glued edges together to make it more sturdy and conceal any seams!

Next: Torso and arms!

As usual please click for the full photo!

i left a length of fur hanging off the end of the legs..this will attach to the shoes/feet later on...

fur legs

You can see the crutch from my abandoned four legged idea...

Check out my messy work room! Claws are being varnished in the background...

fur legs2


Anonymous said...

I meant to ask last post, but what material is the bodysuit made from, and what kind of foam are you using to thicken your body out?

Zesty said...

Doing quads is dangerous. :( There was a cosplayer who did a nice Red xiii (Final Fantasy) suit and some jackass JUMPED on her back out of nowhere.

The suit is looking great though. I can't wait to see how the torso turns out. :)

Sam said...

This whole process is really fascinating to me. I can't wait to see more!

missmonstermel said...

the bodysuit is a spandex dance outfit, but the shirt that goes over it is an underarmor shirt. The foam is just chair pad foam! :)
I hear you about quads, Zesty. Stupid people forget there is a person inside that costume and don't think twice about seriously abusing costumers. If you wouldnt do it to a person in normal clothes, dont do it to someone dressed up! It's tough enough watching my back on two legs, four would make it that much more dangerous.
I hope the Red XIII gal didnt get too hurt...i have seen her costume online, it's a shame someone did that to her.
Thanks for all the comments, guys!