Monday, August 13, 2007

Duct tape dummy

Made the duct tape dummy with the help of my boyfreind last week! It didnt take long and is much cheaper than buying a clothes dummy. You just put on a long sleeved shirt and some pants, wrap in duct tape ( not TOO tight but snug), then carefully cut yourself out with medical scissors. Reattach the duct tape skin and stuff it! Presto, cheap dummy. I found several tutorials online but this one is the best:

I have been told this is also a great way to create patterns too!

So here it is! I'm actually not quite this uh...bloated in real life. No, really! ;) Please click on the photos to see the entire thing.


Adding foam! It's not done, still needs evening out and whatnot. The foam will create the illusion of having dog like legs....


Next up: fur and foaming the torso! It's going to have a deep canine ribcage and a nice thick hunched back. Fun!

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fritzagelmann said...

How did you attach the foam to the undersuit? Thanks!